19 April
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We held a great event in Donaueschingen as part of the artofdanube project in 2018. Now, together with the city, we are again planning a number of activities and will, of course, pay a visit to the Donauquelle (source of the Danube). 

At the confluence of the Rivers Brigach and Breg, we will take a water sample. Since the water is too shallow for swimming, Andreas Fath will begin his swim further downstream.

We will set the schedule of events for Donaueschingen here before the project launch.

Would you like to participate in our project locally with your organisation, your nature conservation group, your sports club, as an educational institution, with your company, as a municipality/city, artist or just like that? We look forward to hearing from you and to hearing your ideas!

Our educational programme is primarily aimed at young people – you are welcome to register for participation with us!

Representatives of the press can also obtain information from us about opportunities for interviews.