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10 June
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In Seimeni on the banks of the Danube, in partnership with Cernavoda Plus and with the support of the Seimeni Town Hall, the next Mai Mult Verde event will take place. Andreas Fath will be accompanied on the way to Cernavoda by the only swimmer who has swum the entire length of the Danube without a wetsuit : Avram Iancu.

The following activities will be implemented on site:

From 4pm to 7pm in Seimeni:

  • Students reading workshop “Deniz’s book about life with ZERO WASTE” by Sima Ozkan.
  • “Flora and Fauna of Seimeni” – workshop Mirabela Lojniță with examples directly from the Danube bank.
  • “Danube Stories with Andreas and Iancu” – the two swimmers share their experiences and we discuss the importance of the river ecosystem, why it is vital for animals, plants and people and how we can protect it from plastic pollution.
  • ecological barbecue: we barbecue together – one of the Romanians’ favourite activities – but ecological and plastic-free!

If you are from the region and would like to participate, send an email to raluca@cere.ong by 9 June.