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13 June
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In Galati, Mai Mult Verde is organising another event in partnership with GWP – Romania (Global Water Partnership).

Palatul Copiilor din Galați, Strada Mihai Bravu nr. 28

at 17h:

cleandanube-Workhsop: in this workshop we will discuss the importance of the river ecosystem, why it is vital for wildlife, plants and people and how we can protect it from plastic pollution.
The workshop will be held in English and is aimed at young people aged 15 to 26.

at 18h30:

Screening of the film “Generation Greta” – a documentary intertwining the portraits of 9 young women from all over the world, aged 12 to 23, who, despite cultural differences, unite for a common cause: the latter climate and social justice.

After the film screening, we want to have an open debate about environmental engagement.