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21 May
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This will not be our first time to Vukovar. We have been there many a times and have developed a close bond with this beautiful Croatian city on the Danube. The Youth Peace Group Danube and the Europahaus Vukovar are collaborating with us on projects and we are so looking forward to seeing them again. Zeleni Osijek will also be there contributing beautiful ideas.

Our itinerary in Vukovar:

Thursday 19.5.: 12-15h – Environmental Forum – Environmental Discussion (Zeleni Osijek) @Community centre at Trg Dražena Petrovića 2
Friday 20.5.: 18-20h – Phylosophy-Café: Ekosophy, Phylosophy of Nature – Workshop (Generator) @Community centre at Trg Dražena Petrovića 2
Saturday 21.5.: 10h workshop Cleandanube, 11h press conference, 12h swimming with Andreas Fath (Triathlon Club Vukovar) @Vukovar rowing club