07 May
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still to swim
2.700 km

We will reach Vienna at the end of the second week – having arrived here means we will have completed a quarter of the route. There is even more to celebrate here since we have some great partner organisations onboard. The collaborative event will be a blast.

The University of Vienna and BOKU are joined by organisations such as the WWF, Generation Earth, Generation Blue, Sea Shepherd and the Wiener Schwimmverein to host a series of activities. This is going to be a festival of events. 

We will also be submitting the first water samples to the University of Vienna for in-depth analysis and are curious about what they will find. If things go according to plan, Andreas Fath will not be entering the water alone – he’ll be joined by Thorsten Hüffer and other fellow swimmers!

Would you like to participate in our project locally with your organisation, nature conservation group, sports club, company or as an education institution, municipality/city, artist or just for fun? We look forward to hearing from you and getting your input!

Our educational programme is primarily aimed at young people – we will truly appreciate your participation.

Representatives of the press can also obtain information from us regarding opportunities for interviews.