Arrival in the Black Sea

The last metres, the last swim strokes, are the freestyle. The water becomes salty and Andreas Fath has reached the Black Sea. The moment to celebrate and reflect will have come before heading back home. Loaded with memories and experiences.


Easternmost town of the EU, charming Sulina is the final destination of this odyssey. It’s hard to imagine how we’ll feel once we get here – mission accomplished for Andreas Fath and every one of us!  

Would you like to participate in our project locally with your organisation, nature conservation group, sports club, company or as an education institution, municipality/city, artist or just for fun? We look forward to hearing from you and getting your input!

Our educational programme is primarily aimed at young people – we will truly appreciate your participation.

Representatives of the press can also obtain information from us regarding opportunities for interviews.


In Galati, Mai Mult Verde is organising another event in partnership with GWP – Romania (Global Water Partnership).

Palatul Copiilor din Galați, Strada Mihai Bravu nr. 28

at 17h:

cleandanube-Workhsop: in this workshop we will discuss the importance of the river ecosystem, why it is vital for wildlife, plants and people and how we can protect it from plastic pollution.
The workshop will be held in English and is aimed at young people aged 15 to 26.

at 18h30:

Screening of the film “Generation Greta” – a documentary intertwining the portraits of 9 young women from all over the world, aged 12 to 23, who, despite cultural differences, unite for a common cause: the latter climate and social justice.

After the film screening, we want to have an open debate about environmental engagement.


In Seimeni on the banks of the Danube, in partnership with Cernavoda Plus and with the support of the Seimeni Town Hall, the next Mai Mult Verde event will take place. Andreas Fath will be accompanied on the way to Cernavoda by the only swimmer who has swum the entire length of the Danube without a wetsuit : Avram Iancu.

The following activities will be implemented on site:

From 4pm to 7pm in Seimeni:

  • Students reading workshop “Deniz’s book about life with ZERO WASTE” by Sima Ozkan.
  • “Flora and Fauna of Seimeni” – workshop Mirabela Lojniță with examples directly from the Danube bank.
  • “Danube Stories with Andreas and Iancu” – the two swimmers share their experiences and we discuss the importance of the river ecosystem, why it is vital for animals, plants and people and how we can protect it from plastic pollution.
  • ecological barbecue: we barbecue together – one of the Romanians’ favourite activities – but ecological and plastic-free!

If you are from the region and would like to participate, send an email to by 9 June.


May Mult Verde is organising a plastic-free picnic with a group on a Danube island near Calarasi from 17h. Later, environmental films will be shown there in the open air.


The second event in the Cu apele curate x Clean Danube series will take place on June 7, organized by Mai Mult Verde.
We are waiting for you at the activities that will take place as follows:

10h00 – 13h00 – Giurgiu Harbour (no. 1 Portului Street)

  • cleandanube-workshop: in this workshop led by our team, we will discuss the importance of the ecosystem for the river, why it is vital for wildlife, plants and humans and how we can protect it from plastic pollution. An important part of the workshop will be the small experiments you will participate in, from which you will have the opportunity to discover how microplastics are formed in rivers.
  • Creative expressiveness workshop coordinated by Ioana Brăilescu:
    Same as water, creativity has transformative powers. Impossible to fence, it erodes even the stones and creates new routes and possibilities. The workshop will guide young people to express their ideas and invent alternative ways of living and relating to the environment that is our home and source of energy.
  • Photo exhibition #CuApeleCurate – composed of 35 snapshots taken by the photographer Vlad Bâscă at the greening camp in the Danube Delta, in 2019. It is an exhibition about awareness in order to reposition ourselves more responsibly towards nature.

14h00 – 16h00 – Casa Corpului Didactic (no. 8 Doctor Ion Muntean Street)

  • Projection of two short movies for students:
    Children can save the planet – plastic is eternal: Filmmaker Dylan D’Haeze decides to follow the path of plastic waste to the end point: the ocean. A route from which we learn how the plastic gets back to us in the plate.
    Eco-messengers: The film tells how the story of a group of young people known for their actions in order to protect the environment began.
    The two movies (40 minutes), will be followed by an open discussion about the involvement of children and adolescents in environmental causes.


A port town of Bulgaria and, so, country number seven on our journey. The kilometres remaining have now whittled down to triple digits. The Danube widens and becomes less populated, bridges are now noticeably a rarity. We are slowly ringing in the finale as we wend our way to the Black Sea.

On Monday 6 June, project manager Mario Kümmel will be in Ruse and will be available for all questions and interviews about the project. Please contact him at: +49.176.46668232.

On the morning of 7 June, Andreas Fath will be opposite in Giurgiu on the Romanian side. All members of the press are invited to come to Giurgiu and talk to Andreas Fath in person.

Turnu Măgurele

Arriving in Turnu Măgurele, we will have had six weeks behind us and now are in Romania!

The first event in the series of our events organized by “Mai Mult Verde” will take place on June 4th, organized in partnership with the Rural 21 Association and with the support of the Islaz City Hall.

We are waiting for you next to Turnu Măgurele:

  • Starting at 4pm – Gura Oltului Beach, Islaz (; kayak rides with our partners @kayakchampions, theoretical and practical workshop on plastic water pollution + guided tour of the area


The White City! Berlin of the Balkans. There are many names for the capital of Serbia – Belgrade! A last refreshment before the great reservoir of the Iron Gate. With our local partners “Bela Čaplja 1165” and “Pravo na vodu” we plan the following itinerary:

Location: Bara Reva

9h Press reception at the Danube for press representatives and all other interested people
10h Workshop with pupils of the German school in Belgrade
11h30 Start of swimming

How to find us:
If you come by car from the centre of Belgrade, from the Pancevacki Bridge, drive along Pancevacki Street (road to Pancevo) and turn right at the sixth traffic light at Jeep Commerce – then go to the end of the road, you will find us there.
You can also reach Reva by city bus no. 108, which leaves from the motorway at Omladinski Stadium. Get off at the sixth stop and take the road that passes Jeep Commerce, go to the end of the road.

You can always call Ana on +381648620203 and she will answer your questions or help you find us.,20.5341877,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x475a7b022ba45fa9:0xb7c258854339e0d2!8m2!3d44.8415687!4d20.5363764

Novi Sad

As the Danube twists and turns, it brings us back to Serbia, depositing us as Novi Sad.

A small press reception will be held at 9 a.m. in Limanpark in cooperation with the University of Novi Sad. Press representatives and interested people are invited to come and ask questions.